Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Debottlenecking

SO2Clean: for Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Debottlenecking


Increasing sulfur recovery capacity has become more important with the economic benefits derived from utilizing higher sulfur crude and the never ending push toward cleaner, low sulfur fuels.  Historically, refiners needing to double capacity have added SRUs or debottlenecked existing units through O2 enrichment which requires major reengineering/reconstruction. Both are unattractive options given exorbitant capex and footprint/infrastructure limitations. There is another, better way to debottleneck… direct injection of high purity SO2 into the SRU!

  • Dramatically less capex and no impact on refinery footprint… less execution risk
  • Removes inert gases in air like nitrogen which rob capacity and create NOx emissions
  • Mitigates the high temperature risks of O2 enrichment

Click here to view the SO2Clean for SRU Expansion


SO2Clean: Calabrian’s solution to SO2 delivery into an SRU

SO2Clean™ is Calabrian’s proprietary technology which is used to manufacture pure SO2 liquid and gas economically and safely.

SO2Clean™ is commercially proven and reliable. It is designed with multiple trains in compact units. The technology has been in commercial operation for more than 20 years.

SO2Clean™ is environmentally friendly. It is a closed system with no fugitive gas emissions.

SO2Clean™ yields 100% pure SO2. It utilizes sulfur produced in the SRU as a raw material recycle stream. There is no reduction in saleable sulfur. There are no capacity consuming inerts.

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