Our Technologies

SO2CleanTM is an innovative technology

Developed by Calabrian Corporation to produce high purity sulfur dioxide by burning sulfur in oxygen, rather than air.  Using pure oxygen eliminates gas separation/operational complexities inherent with nitrogen and other inerts, significantly reducing equipment size/cost and the volume of gas that has to be conveyed.   SO2Clean has been used to produce sulfur dioxide commercially for over twenty years.    Why is SO2Clean superior to a Sulfur Burner?   Superior Economics


  • The installed cost of SO2Clean unit is less than half of an equivalent burner…less equipment and steel
  • Electricity costs are less than 1/3 of those of a sulfur burner
    • Incoming oxygen pressure drives gas flow…no blower!
    • No inert gases to convey or vent
  • Lower operational costs more than offset the additional cost of the oxygen
    • Reduced maintenance costs…no refractory , no blower,  no burner management system, no air drier
    • No corrosion…SO2Clean runs in an excess of sulfur not oxygen i.e. no SO3 to make sulfuric acid to condense in the process.
    • Significant reduction in cooling water and cooling water treatment costs
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