High Purity SO2

An Alternative to Burning Sulfur in Air

SO2Clean® is a proven, commercial, environmentally friendly and proprietary technology that was developed by Calabrian in the early 90’s to produce high purity sulfur dioxide by burning sulfur in oxygen rather than air.

Burning sulfur in pure oxygen offers significant advantages – nitrogen and other inerts are not present which significantly reduces downstream equipment size/costs, eliminates gas separation/operational complexities and dramatically simplifies air permitting…

There are no emissions, it is a closed system!

The technical merits of pure SO2 as a reagent in many industrial applications is widely known. Unfortunately inferior reagents have been chosen historically for various large scale applications because of supply chain complexities…until now. The successful commercialization of the SO2Clean® process enables the use of SO2 as a reagent in applications where transportation issues made its use impractical or uneconomical.

Calabrian will construct, own and operate a fence-line SO2Clean® plant and deliver low cost SO2 via pipeline directly to the point of use.

Safe / Environmentally Friendly

  • No process air discharges…closed system
  • No NOx or SOx emissions
  • No process liquid discharges
  • Low pressure operation
  • No moving parts in contact with gaseous SO2
  • Dry process <1 ppm acid
  • Rapid shutdown/startup without harm to equipment
  • No refractories, so no refractory failures
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